My Philosophy

When it comes to wealth management and investment planning, Rick wakes up every morning ready to forge new personal, long-term relationships and incorporate innovative strategies tailored to his clients' needs and goals.

In a rapidly changing time of technology, automation, and “wait times,” one-on-one conversations are at the heart of Rick's unique brand. Following up and responding to questions is not the exception to the rule, it is the rule.  If Rick doesn't have an immediate answer, he takes the time to find the correct answer for your unique situation.

Remembering a birthday, where your children go to college, and when you go on vacation is not written on a file folder – it's part of a whole conversation that leads to long-term plans for your financial future.

Rick's clients depend on him to be a helping hand in times of need, to be their advocate when they encounter life's tough decisions, and stand as their friend when it's time to celebrate their successes.

At Stifel, we help clients pursue their financial goals for themselves and future generations.  Our mission is to help you build and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan that serves as a personalized road map toward your financial goals.